Privacy and Security



When you need to send sensitive data over the Internet, such as identity or credit card numbers, encrypted data, is paramount to not be deciphered if intercepted by third parties. When sending sensitive data, be sure your browser displays "HTTPS" before the address of the page and the image of a padlock.

But HTTPS and the padlock alone do not guarantee safety, since all hosting providers’ offers, without charge, a basic certification allowing HTTPS connections that shows the padlock. The problem is that there is no guarantee that those who are on the other side are really who you think they are. Hackers can simulate an identical page of a bank and misinformed Internet users will give their user name and password without knowing they are being deceived.

In order to improve safety, a nominal certificate was created, but it is very easy to be obtained by simply proving the ownership of the domain, and it is issued in minutes. In addition, some companies cannot prove ownership or unknowing Internet security, share nominal certificates, or on behalf of a company other than it should. Shared certificates only ensure that the information is encrypted, but does not guarantee who is getting this sensitive information.

EV Certificate (Extended Validation)

Certificado de Validade Extendida

To ensure that your information travels safely from your computer to Hamtronix, we use an EV certified (Extended Validation) with 256-bit encryption. To achieve this high standard of certification, which has a high annual cost, the company must submit extensive documentation, including data from the IRS and financial. All bodies are consulted, and only if proven that the company is legalized, and operating for at least four years, the EV certification is issued.

Why the EV certification is better

1) Because is issued only to companies proven legalized, up to date with all its government obligations, active in their field of business for at least four years, financially stable, and proven legal ownership over your Internet address (domain).

2) Because it is distinctive from the others with exclusive green bar technology, either as background color of the address bar or before the https prefix. In both cases, the company's name is highlighted. And if you click it, you can see the certificate with the name and address of the certified company.

So, when you see the green bar, you know you are on a secure site from a company proven reliable. In this exclusive list you will find renowned companies such as: Apple, Microsoft, Paypal, Amazon, to name a few.



Hamtronix also ensures that your data will not be sold or shared with third parties. In order for these data remains safe, we expressly discourage the disclosure of your password with anyone, even to friends and relatives. Any changes on our privacy policy will be informed prior to this space.

When we collect your data?

        - In the registration of purchases
        - In the registration to receive news and exclusive offers by email

What we do with your data?

Your personal data are essential for your order arrives safely and delivered on time. Hamtronix keeps your information strictly confidential and used solely for the purpose of outlining a profile of our customers to keep improving our services, products and content.

We do not send spam 

The Hamtronix will only send e-mail under the following conditions:

- Information about the progress of your order
- Important notices, unrelated to offers and promotions
- Important technical information (If you subscribed to alerts)
- promotions Information (If you subscribed to receive alerts)
- Information about new products (If you subscribed to alerts)

Credit Card data

When you use a Credit or Debit Card as payment method, it will only be maintained during the authorization process with the Credit Card operator. Once authorized, it will be immediately deleted from your registration data. The only drawback is that in each new purchase you will have to inform the Credit Card data again, but in return there is no danger of leaking financial information from our customers, because we do not even have it in our database.

How we use Cookies? 

We do not use cookies for any other reason beside to store information in your shopping cart, which facilitates and speeds up your purchase process.


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